Zeiss at Micro Salon AFC Show 2018

Level 0 (ground floor)

Zeiss participates again with a wide range of of full-frame lenses at the Micro Salon 2018. The Zeiss team consisting of Christophe Casenave (Product Manager), Sundeep Reddy (Application Specialist), Marco Auricchio (Sales Manager) and Isabel Winter (Marketing Manager) are on location to provide information about the Zeiss products and services.

This year Zeiss showcases its power in full-frame cine lenses : The latest full-frame prime lens family Compact Prime CP.3 and CP.3 XD, as well as the Cinema Zoom CZ.2 lenses, which are full frame zoom lenses.

Objectif Zeiss CP.3 35 mm
Zoom Zeiss CZ.2 70-200 mm

There are a total of ten CP.3 lenses available with fixed focal lengths from 15mm to 135mm. The three Cinema Zoom CZ.2 lenses offer zoom ranges of 15-30mm, 28-80mm, and 70-200mm. All of the lenses are available with the five most common mounts for motion picture cameras (PL, EF, E, F & MFT).
Besides the full frame coverage, the CP.3 XD lenses provide Zeiss eXtended Data. It is a unique technology which is based on the /i * technology and provides information about the lens’ distortion and shading characteristics in real time. With the Zeiss CP.3 XD lenses, even small productions on a limited budget gain access to the advanced techniques common in state-of-the-art, big budget films, commercials and television shows.

(*) /i is a registered trademark of Cooke Optics Limited used with permission.