Preliminary information regarding the AFC Micro Salon 2016

The sixteenth annual AFC Micro Salon will once again take place this year at La fémis, on Friday 5 and Saturday 6 February 2016. Fifty-six AFC Associate Members – and eleven AFSI partners – will present their latest innovations and their know-how in the areas of image and sound, and will be pleased to share this convivial and conversational event with them. Below, you will find some useful information to prepare for your visit.

About the Location
The Micro Salon is a place where new camera, grip, lighting, and postproduction equipment are exhibited on three floors of La fémis :
 on the ground floor, just after the welcome desk ;
 in the basement, on stage 1, the surrounding areas, and, new this year, on stage 2 just at the end of the corridor that goes past stage 1 ;
 on the 2nd floor, in the Foyer Jean Renoir, and also on stages 3 and 4 ;
 also on the 2nd floor, the Salle Renoir will host the carte blanche events and the screenings.

This year, sound equipment, proposed by the Association Française du Son à l’Image (AFSI) will be presented on the 1st floor, accessible via the indoor central staircase.

About the Exhibitors
This 16th Annual Micro Salon will be attended by the following AFC associate member companies (between parentheses, the floor where their stand will be located) :
ACC&LED (+2) – ACS France (+2) – Airstar (+2) – AJA Video Systems (0) – Arri Caméra (+2) – Be4Post (+2) – Broncolor-Kobold (-1) – Canon France (-1) – Carl Zeiss (+2) – Cartoni France (-1) – Ciné Lumière de Paris (+2) – Cinesyl (-1) – Codex (+2) – CW Sonderoptic Leica (0) – Digimage (+2) – Dimatec (-1) – DMB Technologies (0) – Eclair - Groupe Ymagis (+2) – Eclalux (+2) – Emit (-1) – Fujifilm Holdings France (0) – HD Systems (0) – K 5600 Lighting (+2) – Key Lite (+2) – KGS Development (0) – LCA (-1) – Lee Filters (0) – Loumasystems (-1) – Lumex (-1) – Maluna Lighting (-1) – Microfilms (0) – Mikros image (+2) – Next Shot (+2) – Nikon France (+2) – Panalux (-1) – Panasonic France (0) – Panavision Alga (-1) – Panavision Cinecam (-1) – Papa Sierra (-1) – Propulsion (-1) – Roscolab (-1) – RVZ Caméra (+2) – RVZ Lumière (+2) – Schneider (0) – Softlights (-1) – Sony France (-1) – Technicolor (+2) – Thales Angénieux (0) – Transpacam (-1) – Transpagrip (-1) – Transpalux (-1) – Transvideo (+2) – TSF Caméra (+2) – TSF Grip (+2) – TSF Lumière (+2) – Vantage Paris (-1) – XD motion (-1).

About accessing La fémis and the Micro Salon
Because of the ongoing high level of terrorist alert in France, all current mandatory security precautions will be observed, as for many places open to the public in France. Access to La fémis will only be possible upon presentation of the confirmation that was sent of your registration to attend the Micro Salon (e-invitation/bar code printed or on your smartphone) and after the usual security checks have been performed (passing through a metal detector and an inspection of all bags and personal belongings. In this light, no bag larger than a carry-on bag will be allowed inside La fémis, and will not be able to be brought inside any further than the guard post at the entry gate.
We also remind visitors that this year, the only invitation that will allow you to obtain an entrance badge will be the confirmation of the obligatory registration on our website (see above).

As concerns access to the various areas of the Micro Salon itself, we remind visitors that they may only access the four floors of the Micro Salon once they have obtained their badge from the welcome desk at the main entrance of the building, and that moving from one floor to another must occur via the central staircase located inside.

After the welcome desk and before going into the heart of the event, the professional press will make its magazines available, including “special editions” for the Micro Salon. Then, visitors may begin their visit, in function of their individual interests, the schedule of screenings, and unforeseen meetings. As concerns the screenings, whose schedule has not yet been finalized, they are expected to take place at two different times : Friday, between 11 am and 6 pm, with a break around 1 pm ; and Saturday without an intermission between 12:30 pm and 5:30 pm.

On the basement level (-1), visitors will be able to discover the AFC’s three surprise guests and will be able to discuss with the moderators of the discussion board On the ground floor, near the coffee and refreshments table, the assistants of the AOA will host a “nano salon” that will have a few seats, where visitors will be able to sit and begin conversations.

The highlight of the 16th annual Micro Salon will take place on Saturday, 6 February starting at 10:30 am in the Salle Jean-Renoir, when our Iranian colleagues of the IRSC (Iranian Society of Cinematographers) will be given Carte Blanche. Their presentation to the audience of their association will be followed by a screening of short extracts from films, which will be the occasion for Homayoun Payvar, Tooraj Mansour, and Mohammad Aldpoush, President of the IRSC, to showcase their colleagues’ work.

For the fourth year in a row, the AFC will share its Micro Salon with the Association française du son à l’image (AFSI) by putting the “Sound Space” (1st floor) at its disposal. Its partners – Aaton-Digital, A4Audio, AEI, Areitec, ATS Nagra France, Audio 2, Audioroot, Cinela, Sennheiser, and Tapages & Nocturnes, VDB – will present their latest products and their technical expertise there.

Under the auspices of the CNC, the Paris Images Trade Show (of which the CST, the Ficam, Film France, the AFC Micro Salon, the Paris Images Digital Summit, the Paris Images Cinéma, the Paris Images Location Expo, and the Paris Images Pro are members), will bring together for the third year in a row each of its partner’s voices in order to provide a global platform for showcasing the excellence and dynamism of French technical industries and technicians.

In conclusion, we remind visitors that this 16th annual Micro Salon would not be possible without the ongoing support of the CNC, our host La fémis, and this year, the fifty-six associate members of the AFC who couldn’t resist the pleasure of showing our curious and interested guests, while engaging them in quality conversations and new meetings, their most recent innovations and the best of their technical expertise.

On behalf of the Cinematographers of the AFC, we would like to thank them in advance.

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