Loumasystems at Micro Salon AFC Show 2018

Level -1, stage 1

Loumasystems : the new Louma 2 software will be presented at the Micro Salon AFC Show 2018 on stage 1, level -1.

La Louma 2 sur
La Louma 2 sur "Le Crime de l’Orient-Express"
Photo Paulo Rodrigues

This new software allows to get camera moves which are more dynamic than previously still keeping the stability of image which has made the success of our telescopic crane.
To achieve these performances, we have spent a lot of research and development on the quality of the acceleration and deceleration ramps.
This work has been done for the regular control of the telescope by the technician as well as for the cases where the crane manages automatically the ramping towards the end limits.
The new software displays graphics aimed to ease the management and adjustment of the automatic trajectory compensations.

We will also present the Point Planing.
The Point Planing is a new and faster manner to define the plane of the Planing function which keeps the camera in one vertical plane while the crane is swinging.
This function allows to achieve up to 60’ of straight trajectory thanks to the automatic compensation by the telescope of the arc normally described by swinging of the arm
Pointing the camera in the direction where you want the camera to track (to plane) is now sufficient to define the plane. Point … and …Plane.