Loumasystems at Micro Salon AFC Show 2017

Level -1, stage 2

Loumasystems will exhibit the latest software version of the Louma 2 and the Tobrouk, a four wheels all terrain electric scooter.

The Louma 2 has been and still is a pioneer in the field of real time software assistance. This is possible thanks to its axis encoders and to its proprietary network which allows a communication between these axis. The goal is to facilitate the coordination of the crew while doing difficult shots (coordination between the grip on the arm, the crane or grip technician on the telescope and the camera operator). Among other things, this assistance is about camera trajectory compensation while doing the take. One of these compensations called “planing” allows the camera to stay inside a vertical plane whatever are the pan or tilt movements of the arm. The software manages the length of the telescopic arm to maintain the camera in this plane. Until now the plane was defined by the acquisition of 2 points. The latest software version of this planing compensation is called “point planing”. Point planing is instantaneous. You do not need to define 2 points anymore. All the camera operator has to do is to point the camera in the direction he wants the camera to travel. This allows to achieve instantly up to 60’ of tracking movement without having to lay tracks or to move the base of the crane.

We will also exhibit the Tobrouk, a four wheels all terrain electric scooter. This scooter can receive a Steadicam operator in between its wheels, thus allowing to shoot at ground level. The Tobrouk can also receive a stabilized remote head. It has been used recently on the shooting of L’Ecole buissonnière the next Nicolas Vanier feature film.

Le Tobrouk en action
Le Tobrouk en action