Loumasystems at AFC Micro Salon 2016

Loumasystems will exhibit the latest developments of the Louma 2 shot assist software.
This simple and user friendly real time shot assistance facilitate the coordination of the crew while achieving difficult shots.

The inter-axis network of the Louma 2 allows communication and correlations between the different axes of the crane in order to achieve specific camera trajectories.
The latest developments are related to the “Planing” compensation, from the word “plane” understood as a geometric plane.
This “Planing” mode keeps the camera at the end of the arm on a vertical or horizontal plane while the arm is maneuvered. This is achieved by the telescope going in or out to compensate the arc of the arm.

We will also exhibit the electric 4 wheels all terrain scooter which has been developed by Loumasystems and used on the long feature Saisons, the new movie by Jacques Perrin and Jacques Cluzaud.