Leitz Cine Wetzlar at Micro Salon AFC Show 2019

In addition to the Summilux-C, Summicron-C, M0.8, Macrolux lenses and currently available Thalia focal lengths (30mm-35mm-45mm-70mm-100mm-180mm), Leitz Cine will show at the Micro Salon 2019 the three latest Thalia focal lengths : 24mm-55mm and 120mm with close focus/macro.

The set of the Leitz M0.8 now includes two new lenses : the 75mm and 90mm in T:2.0. They will be presented with the M-mount for Arri Alexa Mini/Amira, RED and Sony Venice full frame camera.

All lenses will be shown on a Sony Venice and can be tested in a field viewfinder mode on three Leica SL photo/video cameras.

Some prototypes from the Leitz Cine factory in Wetzlar (Germany) will be shown exclusively. The release of the new Leitz Primes VistaVision range is scheduled for 2020. The final series will feature twelve optics from 18mm to 180mm opening at T : 1.8 and covering 47mm of image diagonal.

You can also enjoy a curiosity - the Leitz "Thalia-T" - a 90mm out of the Thalia range, inspired by the Leica Thambar still photography lens, that the portraitists tore in the 30s.
The Leitz Thalia-T has an image circle of 60mm diagonal, Tstop of 2.2 and will be released this spring.

Will be present on the booth :
- Tommaso Vergallo
- Kevan Parker
- Emmanuel Froideval
- Ariane Damain-Vergallo.