HD-Systems at Micro Salon AFC Show 2017

Level +2, foyer Renoir

We are happy to meet you again at the occasion of this Micro Salon new edition and we will show you the latest "Preston Cinema" products as well as a projection of our most recent "HDS-Digital Lab" grading works.

- The Preston Cinema "Light Ranger 2" with its last accessories and updates in matter of graphic interface displayed on the camera image.

- The Preston Cinema "Motor Driver 4 (MDR-4)", latest item of the FIZ line of products, is a compact and light weight version of the famous MDR-3 still fully compatible with this one. Specially designed for the light weight configurations like the Steadicam, Drones and other "3-axis Gimbal", the MDR-4 is able to control two motors.

- A projection of our latest "HDS-Digital Lab" grading works.

We take this opportunity to introduce our new web site www.hd-systems.biz, where you will find a presentation of our various activities.

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tel : +33 1 48 13 25 60