ACS France at Micro Salon Show 2017

ACS France team is eager to meet you at the Micro Salon 2017 and to introduce you our new systems and coming projects – Level 2, Plateau 4 ! Will be displayed on our stand...

- The Shotover G1
A very functional and lightweight (4Kg) 3 axis gyrostabilised head. You will be able to appreciate its performance through different configurations.
- New Cablecam,
European specialist in Cablecam services, we will present our new lightened system (Flying weight under 30kg).

- Twizzy-cam
100% electric and extremely compact vehicle, especially re-designed for your shot needs.

- The Shotover F1
Our 6 axis gyrostabilised head which accommodates a large choice of camera/lens packages up to the Fuji 25-300mm or the Angénieux 25-250mm.

Through it strong experience and expertise ACS France is able to provide perfect images in any conditions. With the confidence of producers and directors we offer exceptional aerial and motion pictures services : Helicopter, Drone, Cablecam, Travelling Vehicles, Rails, Cranes etc. ACS France is internationally oriented with many references in feature films, commercials, sports or cultural events shot around the world. All our feature film references here !

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