ACS France at Micro Salon AFC Show

We will be pleased to meet you during the Micro Salon (Level 2 – Plateau 3), and present you our brand new products.

We will present you.
- Dual Lens set-up Shotover K1 :
An adapted version of the Shotover K1 which has been developed by our technicians. Fitted with two broadcast cameras, the single operator can switch between a wide lens and a tight lens at the flick of a switch.

- The Shotover U1 drone :
The Shotover U1 is the first professional drone dedicated to film and broadcast. It fits with the new generation of cameras and zoom lens setups eg : Red, Alexa Mini, Sony F55, Phantom Flex4K & Canon 17-120mm, Fuji 85-300 or Optimo 28-76mm.

- The remote head U1g :
The gimbal itself U1g is de-mountable and can be used on its own as a stabilised head on vehicles, cables or rails.

- The Shotover F1 :
Smaller than the K1, but punching above its weight, the Shotover F1 is incredibly adaptable.
Thanks to its compact size, the F1 adapts to all sorts of vehicle - helicopter, car, cable, boat, and rail for all sorts of formats - most modern cameras fit, with a wide range of lens options available.

- The MicroCable :
A horizontal cable travelling system which is easier to rig and more affordable than our Cablecam® technology.

Expertise in aerial filming and specialist shots. By working with us, we will put everything in place to offer you the best solutions tailored as best as possible to your artistic needs, with safety and with our state of the art materials. Our crew and equipment are available 7D/7, anywhere in the world. Our challenge : to optimize you time and budget.