Exalux at the Micro Salon AFC Show 2019

We will have the pleasure to meet you and share warm moments at the Micro Salon AFC Show at the Parc Floral de Paris 8th & 9th February. An opportunity to discover the full Ledzep range and accessories, as well as the hybrid all-in-one wireless DMX controllers Control One and Control Sky, designed for small sets, that integrates perfectly into the Exalux™ Connect ecosystem.

Stand Exalux 2019

Ledzep : We’re not done dazzling you !
Only a few months after the release of the first 1X4 model, three new models complete the Ledzep range : 1X1, 1X2 and 2X4.

The Ledzep™ are LED lighting panels designed to facilitate the work of technicians in the field, by their ease of use but also to reassure rental companies, by their robustness and reparability in the event of breakage.

Ledzeps integrate perfectly into the Exalux ™ ecosystem. They are fully compatible with the LedMaster™ family dimmers and the remote-control systems of the Exalux™ Connect and Exalux™ Control ranges.

The main advantages of Ledzep panels are :
- An adjustable colour temperature with a very warm white at 2,200K,
- Powerful but energy-saving light thanks to high luminous efficiency,
- Precise and gentle dimming, even at low levels,
- A lamp rise whose length can go up to 20m (allows to offset dimmer and power supply),
- Simple and fast implementation, even with the diffuser,
- High impact resistance,
- Easily repaired.

The Ledzeps are delivered in kit form with the LedMaster Pulse dimmer, a 24VDC power supply, a DoPChoice® diffusion kit and a Lolipop board.
Exalux™ will offer a range of inflatable diffusers exclusively for Ledzep. These diffusers create an extremely soft and enveloping light.

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Control One / Control Sky : Your DMX Gameboy !
Control One is an all-in-one hybrid wireless DMX controller designed to wirelessly control lighting on small sets with great simplicity. It integrates perfectly into the Exalux™ Connect ecosystem.

The advantage of Control One is that it combines four DMX functions in a single package : a 512-channel console, aDMX recorder, a memory manager (Player) and a virtual control of the LedMaster dimmers.

Control Sky is a version of Control One with a specific application to control the Arri’s SkyPanel in Ultimate P30 mode.

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Ledixis | Exalux
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44300 Nantes (France)
T : +33(0)9 72 45 70 43

HD Systems at Micro Salon AFC Show 2019

HD Systems will be at the Micro Salon 2019 edition, this year at Parc Floral de Paris (Paris 12e). Olivier, Herve and Nicolas, the HDS team, as well as Howard from Preston Cinema Systems will be happy to meet with you again.

You will see the latest “Preston Cinema” products in addition with a projection of shots made with the assistance of the Light Ranger 2-Wide.

The LR2-W is the latest focus assist tool joining the famous LR2 family (lighter, larger Horizontal FOV) for an every day use.

- Projection on Friday 8 at 5:30 pm.

Kodak at Micro Salon AFC Show 2019

Kodak Motion Picture Film will be available at Micro Salon 2019 to discuss all aspects of the film workflow from shooting, processing, transfer, printing and scanning to long-term archiving. We’re delighted to be promoting 8mm, 16mm, 35mm and 65mm production in France.

With the worldwide return of film as a movie-making medium and an upsurge in film productions shooting in Europe, the renaissance in film looks set to continue. This is reinforced with increases in the number of 16mm and 35mm productions across Europe for features, commercials and music videos along with an upturn in the number of productions choosing to capture on large format 65mm.

Recent titles captured on film include Non Fiction (Doubles Vies), Maya, Amanda, Alice et le Maire, Diamantino, Sorry Angel (Aimer, plaire et courir vite), L’Homme fidèle, The Favourite, Blackkklansman, Bad Times At The El Royale, Widows, Vice, First Man, The Old Man and the Gun, "Nike – Nothing Beats a Londoner", "Miley Cyrus - Nothing Breaks Like A Heart".
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The recognition of features shot on film also continues with awards and nominations at and including Cannes, TIFF, Gotham Awards, Indie Spirit Awards, Golden Globes, Sundance, Grammy Awards, Critics’ Choice, British Independent Film Awards, BAFTAs and Oscars.

Leitz Cine Wetzlar at Micro Salon AFC Show 2019

In addition to the Summilux-C, Summicron-C, M0.8, Macrolux lenses and currently available Thalia focal lengths (30mm-35mm-45mm-70mm-100mm-180mm), Leitz Cine will show at the Micro Salon 2019 the three latest Thalia focal lengths : 24mm-55mm and 120mm with close focus/macro.

The set of the Leitz M0.8 now includes two new lenses : the 75mm and 90mm in T:2.0. They will be presented with the M-mount for Arri Alexa Mini/Amira, RED and Sony Venice full frame camera.

All lenses will be shown on a Sony Venice and can be tested in a field viewfinder mode on three Leica SL photo/video cameras.

Some prototypes from the Leitz Cine factory in Wetzlar (Germany) will be shown exclusively. The release of the new Leitz Primes VistaVision range is scheduled for 2020. The final series will feature twelve optics from 18mm to 180mm opening at T : 1.8 and covering 47mm of image diagonal.

You can also enjoy a curiosity - the Leitz "Thalia-T" - a 90mm out of the Thalia range, inspired by the Leica Thambar still photography lens, that the portraitists tore in the 30s.
The Leitz Thalia-T has an image circle of 60mm diagonal, Tstop of 2.2 and will be released this spring.

Will be present on the booth :
- Tommaso Vergallo
- Kevan Parker
- Emmanuel Froideval
- Ariane Damain-Vergallo.

Loumasystems at Micro Salon AFC Show 2019

Loumasystems will be at the Micro Salon 2019 edition. Karen, Jean-Marie and Nicolas will be happy to meet with you again.

We will show our Louma 2 telescopic camera crane with its latest computer assist “tricks” released last September…

Panasonic at Micro Salon AFC Show 2019

During the Micro Salon 2019, Panasonic will present the film "Aïlo : A Lapland Odyssey", a wildlife fiction film shot in Varicam 35 and EVA1.
Distributed by Gaumont, the film will be released in theaters on March 13, 2019.

The clips from the movie will be presented and commented by the director Guillaume Maidatchevsky and cinematographer Daniel Meyer.