22e édition du Micro Salon de l’AFC


ACS France at Micro Salon Show 2017

ACS France team is eager to meet you at the Micro Salon 2017 and to introduce you our new systems and coming projects – Level 2, Plateau 4 ! Will be displayed on our stand...

- The Shotover G1
A very functional and lightweight (4Kg) 3 axis gyrostabilised head. You will be able to appreciate its performance through different configurations.
- New Cablecam,
European specialist in Cablecam services, we will present our new lightened system (Flying weight under 30kg).

- Twizzy-cam
100% electric and extremely compact vehicle, especially re-designed for your shot needs.

- The Shotover F1
Our 6 axis gyrostabilised head which accommodates a large choice of camera/lens packages up to the Fuji 25-300mm or the Angénieux 25-250mm.

Through it strong experience and expertise ACS France is able to provide perfect images in any conditions. With the confidence of producers and directors we offer exceptional aerial and motion pictures services : Helicopter, Drone, Cablecam, Travelling Vehicles, Rails, Cranes etc. ACS France is internationally oriented with many references in feature films, commercials, sports or cultural events shot around the world. All our feature film references here !

To contact us : acs@aerial-france.fr

CW Sonderoptic at Micro Salon AFC Show 2017 Level 0 (ground floor)

CW Sonderoptic will show two new Leica Cine products at the AFC Micro Salon that are currently shipping.

The first is the 40mm Summicron-C lens, which brings the full line of Leica Summicron-C T2.0 lenses to 10 focal lengths from 18-135mm.

They are also showing the first five Leica M 0.8 lenses, first introduced at IBC 2016. These ultra compact, lightweight lenses bring an iconic, artistic character to moving images with the following focal lengths : 21mm f/1.4, 24mm f/1.4, 28mm f/1.4, 35mm f/1.4, and 50mm f/0.95.

See these products and more at the CW Sonderoptic stand.

Will be present :
Gerhard Baier, Managing Director
Tommaso Vergallo, Key Account Manager
Kevan Parker, European Sales Manager
Emmanuel Froideval, Leica Professional
Ariane Damain Vergallo, filmmaker.

HD-Systems at Micro Salon AFC Show 2017 Level +2, foyer Renoir

We are happy to meet you again at the occasion of this Micro Salon new edition and we will show you the latest "Preston Cinema" products as well as a projection of our most recent "HDS-Digital Lab" grading works.

- The Preston Cinema "Light Ranger 2" with its last accessories and updates in matter of graphic interface displayed on the camera image.

- The Preston Cinema "Motor Driver 4 (MDR-4)", latest item of the FIZ line of products, is a compact and light weight version of the famous MDR-3 still fully compatible with this one. Specially designed for the light weight configurations like the Steadicam, Drones and other "3-axis Gimbal", the MDR-4 is able to control two motors.

- A projection of our latest "HDS-Digital Lab" grading works.

We take this opportunity to introduce our new web site www.hd-systems.biz, where you will find a presentation of our various activities.

Do not hesitate to contact us :
tel : +33 1 48 13 25 60

Loumasystems at Micro Salon AFC Show 2017 Level -1, stage 2

Loumasystems will exhibit the latest software version of the Louma 2 and the Tobrouk, a four wheels all terrain electric scooter.

The Louma 2 has been and still is a pioneer in the field of real time software assistance. This is possible thanks to its axis encoders and to its proprietary network which allows a communication between these axis. The goal is to facilitate the coordination of the crew while doing difficult shots (coordination between the grip on the arm, the crane or grip technician on the telescope and the camera operator). Among other things, this assistance is about camera trajectory compensation while doing the take. One of these compensations called “planing” allows the camera to stay inside a vertical plane whatever are the pan or tilt movements of the arm. The software manages the length of the telescopic arm to maintain the camera in this plane. Until now the plane was defined by the acquisition of 2 points. The latest software version of this planing compensation is called “point planing”. Point planing is instantaneous. You do not need to define 2 points anymore. All the camera operator has to do is to point the camera in the direction he wants the camera to travel. This allows to achieve instantly up to 60’ of tracking movement without having to lay tracks or to move the base of the crane.

We will also exhibit the Tobrouk, a four wheels all terrain electric scooter. This scooter can receive a Steadicam operator in between its wheels, thus allowing to shoot at ground level. The Tobrouk can also receive a stabilized remote head. It has been used recently on the shooting of L’Ecole buissonnière the next Nicolas Vanier feature film.

Le Tobrouk en action